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New release of Docker backup-s3

hleroy/backup-s3 container image has reached 1 million downloads 🚀 on Docker Hub 🐋

I have released today version 2.2 which add supports for alternative S3 endpoints. There is now an optional S3_ENDPOINT_URL environment variable which you can use to specify the endpoint.

e.g. for Scaleway Object Storage (Paris region):

  image: hleroy/backup-s3:v2.2
  init: true                     # Enable faster container termination
    - datadir:/var/www/html      # Volume to back up
    BACKUP_ENABLED: yes          # Any non-empty value will work
    # S3
    S3_REGION: fr-par
    S3_BUCKET: my-bucket
    S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID: access_key_id
    S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: secret_access_key
    S3_ENDPOINT_URL: https://s3.fr-par.scw.cloud
    # Data
    DATA_PATH: '/var/www/html'   # Customize to your needs
    # Cron schedule
    CRON_SCHEDULE: '0 0 * * *'   # Every day at midnight

Check the README on Docker Hub and the original post for details about the setup with docker compose.

I hope you enjoy the new feature 😄

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