Backup containers on AWS S3

I have pushed to the Docker Hub an image I have been using for 3 years to backup my containers: hleroy/backup-s3. It is fairly simple setup with a few bash scripts and awscli to push data to S3. The typical use case is to back up an application run with docker-compose (like this WordPress blog).

It saved me from data loss a couple of times so it’s worth giving it a try if you use Docker to run your infrastructure 🙂

Setup with Docker-compose

Add backup-s3 to your compose file. This is an example to backup a WordPress container:

    image: hleroy/backup-s3
      - wordpress:/var/www/html  # Volume to back up
    environment:    # Provide env secrets (S3 key etc...)
      BACKUP_ENABLED: yes        # Any non-empty value will work
      # S3
      S3_REGION: eu-central-1
      S3_BUCKET: my-bucket
      S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID: access_key_id
      S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: secret_access_key
      # Database
      DB_ENGINE: mysql
      DB_NAME: wordpress
      DB_USER: wordpress
      DB_PASS: wordpress
      DB_HOST: mysql
      DB_PORT: 5432
      # Data
      DATA_PATH: '/var/www/html' # Customize to your needs
      # Cron schedule
      CRON_SCHEDULE: '0 0 * * *' # Every day at midnight

DB_ENGINE can be mysql or postgres. If omitted, no database backup is attempted. DB_PORT is optional. It defaults to 3306 (for mysql) or 5432 (for postgres).

DATA_PATH must be an absolute path with no trailing slash. If omitted, no data backup is attempted.

CRON_SHEDULE uses the usual cron format. Try to customize to your needs.

More details and a complete Docker-compose example for WordPress are available in the repository.

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